It's the worst... I hate it!!!

Do you know what I hate the most? No? I'll tell you... Looking for a Massage Therapist.

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist - LMT... but I am also, and have been for 20 years, a Client.

As a client, the thing I dread most: the day my favorite LMT decides to move, change careers, or altogether retire; I cringe at the thought. It means I have to search for a new LMT, find time to schedule with them, fill out another intake form, receive the massage, and pay for it... All the while hoping I won't have to do it again.

When I first moved back to Utah from the various places I'd been stationed for the U.S. Army, I contacted my most favorite massage therapist, only to find that he was changing careers. So, I began the journey of looking for a new one. After countless hours of searching, asking for recommendations, and about $500 later, I gave up my search. I still hadn't found anyone who was talented enough, or educated enough to handle my circumstances. Approximately two years prior, I'd been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (I'll save that story for another time) and I needed the pain to go away! I sure was frustrated at this point. Frustrated with the quality of care from massage therapists in our community. Frustrated with the amount they were charging fresh out of school. Frustrated with all the time I'd invested, only to walk away not having found anyone who could help me.

That was the day I vowed to forever put continuing education as the highest priority in my own massage therapy career, and to expect and encourage others in our field to do the same. I decided it shouldn't be so difficult to find a massage therapist who can handle something as simple, yet complex, as pain.

This vow, and that decision have been at the core of our company for over 12 years now! Every time we begin interviews, feels like the first day I moved back having to find a new massage therapist, so I could live how I wanted to: comfortable in my body, and active! And as such, I treat it much the same! If I wouldn't trust this person to work on me, they certainly won't be working in our clinic.

You can feel confident that you'll be getting the best possible massage therapists available in our community when you visit our clinic. Our team takes great measures to ensure you receive the care YOU need. We customize Therapeutic Massage Experiences which effectively integrate with traditional healthcare. We work with you as part of your "health care team" to ensure you get the most well rounded care within our reach.