Himalayan Hot Stone Massage – Euphoric



A rendition of one client's experience in a Himalayan Hot Stone massage...

Pearly hands flow across my velvet skin promoting liberation for my fascia. Ahhhh, the divine messenger of heavenly euphoria, luxury and gratification. An ample breath of neoteric-fresh air eases all discomfort and increases the stream of crimson nourishment. Anxiety dissolves away; a mountain of bliss overcomes me; memories float by and emotional wells dissipate.

Waves of relief flow quickly up and slowly back down; thoughts and stresses begin to clear way for mental ecstasy. Again, an ample breath eases discomfort. Heated orbs of sunshine begin kneading the hearty lumps of muscle and tight bands of fascia. Fingertips dance exquisitely, ascending and descending the muscle fibers; separating adhesion, and disintegrating the glue which has restricted me for days; weeks; months. I find myself hypnotized into a deep slumber, drifting off into a land far away; a trance of tranquility.

I soon return to reality and continue to indulge in the euphoric bliss. As my experience nears the end, I capture the last few moments of intricate mitigation. Finding myself somewhat incoherent and slightly detached from subsistence, I am reminded by a gentle voice to carefully peel my limbs from the table, and return. Then, I wonder, can I experience this bliss again soon? Yes, yes I will!

©️    -Anonymous Author @ Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, LLC


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